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Before you decide to move forward with coaching, it is highly recommended that you read about Career Coaching, take the quiz to see if you are ready for coaching, and then request a complimentary coaching conversation. 

Coaching sessions are done over the phone. It doesn't matter which part of the world you live, you can work with a coach as long as you have a telephone.

Are you ready to start taking steps towards a direction that fits who you really are?
Progressive Coaching offers individual and group coaching packages.


Jump Start Boost
If you just need a boost to get you moving forward, then the “Jump Start” coaching package is right for you.  This is a one-hour session in which you get to ask as many questions about your career goals as time permits.  Please keep in mind that this is NOT a comprehensive career exploration call due to time constraints.  If you're looking for more in depth and individualized assistance, I suggest Individual Coaching.
Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions that include:

 q       Weekly 45 minute sessions 

 q     Email access and support 9-5 Monday through Friday

 q     15-minute phone access between sessions 

We will work on specific strategies and an action plan to achieve your chosen professional goals.


Group Coaching

If you want to work with others in a group setting who are going through the same thing you are then the “Group” package is for you.  This is a four-month package that includes:

  • Feedback and support from a certified professional coach and others in the group who are going through the same thing you are
  • Unlimited email access for individual attention during the group
  • Four 60 minute calls per month for four months
  • All calls are recorded, if you miss one you can make it up!

Each coaching group is limited to only 3-6 participants, so you will get the personal attention you deserve.  Your return on investment: four months that can save you the time, money and stress associated with being uncertain about your future plans. It is an investment in yourself and your future. 


Contact us NOW!!!!


Career Fulfillment is within your reach, do you have the courage to grab it?


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