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Are you lost in the current job market?


Do you feel that time is ticking by? 


Would you like to have a career you are passionate about? 


Here is the good news, you can move forward and have a career that you enjoy!


Whether you are in a career now or your just beginning to look for the career of your dreams, Progressive Coaching can help you identify that one career that aligns with your true talents and passion. 


Our philosophy is geared towards three principles to achieving a fulfilling work life:


1.     Knowing Who You Are

     Identifying your skills, values, talents and achievements.


2.     Knowing Where You Want To Go

     Discovering your real direction.


3.     Knowing How To Get There

     Establishing strategic plans to navigate you.


If you could acquire these three principles, what would that mean to you? A career that is fulfilling, rewarding and FUN!  Working together, you will learn how to achieve all three principles and ultimately have a career that aligns with your true interests and passions.


Previous clients have discovered ways to achieve career fulfillment in their current career and through career exploration.  While others have transitioned from bus driver to librarian, college to career, career to entrepreneur, military to civilian career and more.


We offer a variety of packages based upon your individual or group needs. 


Email or call 562.212.3715 for more information!


Career Fulfillment is within your reach, do you have the courage to grab it?

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